mermet fabric

Exterior Fabrics

screen material for exterior screens comes in two product lines: Natte and satine. The natte offers a weave pattern giving 3%, 5% and10% openness, while the Satine offers a tighter weave pattern having openness figures of 1%, and 5%. 

mermet fabric

Technical Documents



There are six standard colors to choose from for the housing, rails, and slats of your shutters. And eight standard colors for your solar screen housing and rails (add black and silver to what is shown here). Custom colors are an option too!

Shutter Slats

What are slats? The slats are what you see coming down and going up on a rolling shutter. there are different sizes available, as well as different attributes to choose from. for smaller shutters, expect to use 40mm slats. larger shutters will use 55mm slats, and any shutter needing additional rigdity will utilize extruded slats.

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